Custom Home Electrical services

Custom Home offices

With the large shift of people working from home these days, it is important to set up a Custom Home offices space, and that doesn’t mean just a desk and a laptop.

We can help you set up your space to make sure a few important boxes are ticked:

Electrical light services Mount Annan

CUSTOM and Ergonomic lighting

Just as you would at your workplace, there needs to be sufficient task lighting illuminating the desk and area you are working in. We can test your current lux levels in your home office and determine what lighting arrangement will prevent eye strain and other associated side effects of poor lighting.

Electrical fire prevention

Converting an existing space to a home office will most likely call for the use of cheap power boards. Unfortunately, these power boards are the cause of many house fires across Australia. The poorly made copper links in these power boards can cause arching at any time, therefore leading to the risk of fire.

To prevent this, we offer multiple solutions including the addition of extra wall mounted Australian approved power points, eliminating the need for power boards altogether.

Another measure, is the installation of Clipsal’s Arc Fault Detection device in your current Electrical Switchboard. These devices detect the smallest arc in your existing power boards or power points, and shuts off the power to prevent any potential fire hazards.


To help you shut off from the outside world and focus, acoustics in your workspace is important. The installation of acoustic paneling can be super effective in minimizing outside noise, for both yourself and those listening to you on video calls. These panels prevent the echoing of noise off the hard surfaces in your room, keeping you focused on the task ahead.