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Many home owners think of their electrical switchboard as the metal box on the side of the house, only deserving of a visit when you most need it. The power is out, you’re opening the panel door in the pitch black, looking at the fuses and circuit breakers convincing yourself you can make sense of all of this and save the day. Power kicks back on and you close the switchboard up, not to be thought about until the next catastrophe arises.


So why do these switchboards require more of your attention?

Your switchboard is the heart of your home and requires its only regular health checks. They are responsible for protecting you and your family, as well as the cabling and electronic components in it. Neglecting to pay the necessary attention to your old, out-dated switchboard can literally be the difference of life and death.


Why would I need a switchboard upgrade, my power works fine?

There are several reasons, the most important is actually how effective it disconnects power!

Many thousands of switchboards still carry the old ceramic fuses and circuit breakers. Think of these set ups as being selfish switchboards, as the only job they are doing is protecting themselves and the cables in your house.

Not only is it now mandatory but it is vital that these are changed over to residual current devices (RCD’s or RCBO’s). The sole job of an RCD is to protect YOU, by disconnecting the power within milli-seconds of someone coming into contact with an exposed cable or live power.

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How much does a switchboard upgrade cost?

The cost of a switchboard upgrade varies from house to house, dependent on various factors. An average sized house, can usually budget for $1000-1500. Nonetheless, a very smart investment for your home and family.

What else do I need to know?

Upon updating the necessary components of your switchboard, we advise a regular 12 month check up, to ensure your RCD’s/RCBO’s are operating as they should and also that there is no potential hotspots which are the cause of many switchboard fires.

Many home owners are now turning towards surge divertors to protect their every growing list of electronic devices in the home. Surge divertors do exactly as the name suggests, they protect electronic devices plugged into power points from any unwanted surges or spikes