Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting installation

What is Emergency Lighting?

As a business owner or occupant in a commercial building, it is your obligation to ensure everything is up to the current standards, and that includes Emergency Lighting.  

In the case of an emergency in your building resulting in the loss of power, your ‘Emergency’ lighting including exit signs will turn on, powered by a back up battery. This allows occupants to exit the building in the most direct and safe route possible.  That is why it is key to ensure these fittings are working order, and are located in the correct positions

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How often do they need to be checked?

All Emergency lights and exit signs must be inspected at least once every 6 months. We carry out a battery test to ensure each fitting passes the minimum 90 minute discharge test. These results are logged to keep a record of installation dates and which fittings require particular attention.

Each Emergency and exit fitting should be cleaned every 12 months as good house keeping.